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Happy Dog

Train & Board Programme
Licence Number: LN/000000976

Our Train & Board service is offered as an overnight stay service, allowing you to drop off your pooch at one of our approved family homes with certified Dog trainers for a Train & Board programma.

They will spend their time in our homes being supervised in a home environment with large gardens and familiar home settings.

All our Boarding visitors receive at least 2 walks per day, play time, cosy time, Sofa time, TV time, Agility time and we tailor all this depending on the suitabilty of the breed and age of the visiting doggie.

On The Train & Board Programme your dog will undergo an agreed training plan, with essentially minute-by-minute training as well as a total of 3hrs per day of designated solo training with our best trainers.

Your dog will be staying with other dogs, therefore they will need to pass all our pre Board & Train assessments, however once training commences they will benifit from a controlled social, normal and stimulating environment whilst we work with them on your disired outcomes.

All our staff are: DBS Checked, fully qualified, animal First Aid trained, animal behaviour disciplined, certified in the art of dog walking, sitting, boarding and Training. We also hold zoology and animal management diplomas and certifications.

Train & Board programme is charged per 24hr period:

Dog (Over 1yr) - £150 per night

Puppies - £200 per night

*peak rate - Bank Holidays, Christmas & New year period

Plus 50% on standard charges

Prices are per 24hr period, additional hours on collection days are charge per hour.

Discounts not applicable on training services

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