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Cat in Basket

Drop in Visits

Our drop in visits are offered in 30 minute or 60 minute slots. When we meet with you for our pre-service Coffee, we get to know you and your dogs, cats or other pets so that we can best tailor the house visit for you and your extended family member or members.

We give you the option of either a 30 minute slot or a more personal 60 minute slot.

These drop-in visits best suit cat owners, small mammal pet owners, or the more exotic reptile, amphibian and aquarium pet owner.

We can drop in and make sure all life-support systems are full operational, run water tests, perform scheduled maintenance, feed and water your cat, change the litter tray, have a snuggle on the sofa if of course the cat would like that. We can offer the same services to rabbits and guinea pigs.

We can also support small holdings with sheep, goats, chickens, ducks and other farmyard animals whilst they are away as well.

All our staff are: DBS Checked, fully qualified, animal First Aid trained, animal behaviour disciplined, certified in the art of dog walking, sitting and boarding. We also hold zoology and animal managment diplomas and certifications.

30 minute drop in visit - £15 per Visit 

60 minute drop in visit - £22.50 per Visit 

30 minute drop in visit - puppy - £20.00 per puppy

60 minute drop in visit - puppy - £27.50 per puppy

Additional dogs/other animals from same household - £10

*peak rate, bank hoiidays and Christmas period = List price + 50%

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